Elliot Wegman

Elliot Richard Wegman

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Student- Luo Lab


Peer Reviewed Publications

Wegman, Elliot; Wosiski-Kuhn, Marlena; Luo, Yu (2024. ) The dual role of striatal interneurons: circuit modulation and trophic support for the basal ganglia.Neural regeneration research, , 19 (6 ) ,1277-1283 More Information

Bedolla, Alicia; Wegman, Elliot; Weed, Max; Paranjpe, Aditi; Alkhimovitch, Anastasia; Ifergan, Igal; McClain, Lucas; Luo, Yu (2023. ) Microglia-derived TGF-β1 ligand maintains microglia homeostasis via autocrine mechanism and is critical for normal cognitive function in adult mouse brain.bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, , More Information

Ware, Kierra; Wegman, Elliot; Bedolla, Alicia; Luo, Yu (2023. ) Major Caveats Discovered in the Genetic Cell Ablation Model Used to Study Microglia Functions.Translational stroke research, , 14 (2 ) ,121-122 More Information

Turcato, Flavia Correa; Wegman, Elliot; Lu, Tao; Ferguson, Nathan; Luo, Yu (2022. ) Dopaminergic neurons are not a major Sonic hedgehog ligand source for striatal cholinergic or PV interneurons.iScience, , 25 (11 ) ,105278 More Information