Arthur Williams

Arthur B. Williams

Assistant Professor of Clinical Aff

Veterans Admin Med Ctr

COM Surgery VA - 0112

Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Surgical Unit
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Bachelor's Degree, Vanderbilt University 1990

Medical Degree, Rush Medical College 1994

Research Fellowship, University of Cincinnati 1998

General Surgery Residency, University of Cincinnati 2001

Research and Practice Interests

Critical Care, Advanced Laparoscopy


Peer Reviewed Publications

Fischer, D R; Sun, X; Williams, A B; Gang, G; Pritts, T A; James, J H; Molloy, M; Fischer, J E; Paul, R J; Hasselgren, P O (2001. ) Dantrolene reduces serum TNFalpha and corticosterone levels and muscle calcium, calpain gene expression, and protein breakdown in septic rats. Shock (Augusta, Ga.), , 15 (3 ) ,200-7

Williams, A B; Decourten-Myers, G M; Fischer, J E; Luo, G; Sun, X; Hasselgren, P O (1999. ) Sepsis stimulates release of myofilaments in skeletal muscle by a calcium-dependent mechanism. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, , 13 (11 ) ,1435-43

Hobler, S C; Wang, J J; Williams, A B; Melandri, F; Sun, X; Fischer, J E; Hasselgren, P O (1999. ) Sepsis is associated with increased ubiquitinconjugating enzyme E214k mRNA in skeletal muscle. The American journal of physiology, , 276 (2 Pt 2 ) ,R468-73

Hobler, S C; Williams, A B; Fischer, J E; Hasselgren, P O (1998. ) IGF-I stimulates protein synthesis but does not inhibit protein breakdown in muscle from septic rats. The American journal of physiology, , 274 (2 Pt 2 ) ,R571-6

Williams, A B; Luchette, F A; Papaconstantinou, H T; Lim, E; Hurst, J M; Johannigman, J A; Davis, K (1997. ) The effect of early versus late fasciotomy in the management of extremity trauma. Surgery, , 122 (4 ) ,861-6

Mammen J.;James L.;Molloy M.;Williams A.;Wray C.;Sussman J. (09-01-2007. ) The relationship of lymph node dissection and colon cancer survival in the Veterans Affairs Central .American Journal of Surgery, , 194 (3 ) ,349-354

Hobler S.C.;Williams A.;Fischer D.;Wang J.J.;Sun X.;Fischer J.E.;Monaco J.J.;Hasselgren P.O. (08-01-1999. ) Activity and expression of the 20S proteasome are increased in skeletal muscle during sepsis .American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology, , 277 (2 46-2 ) ,

Williams A.;Sun X.;Fischer J.;Hasselgren P. (01-01-1999. ) The expression of genes in the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway is increased in skeletal mus.Surgery, , 126 (4 ) ,744-750

Williams A.;Wang J.J.;Wang L.I.;Sun X.;Fischer J.E.;Hasselgren P.O. (12-01-1998. ) Sepsis in mice stimulates muscle proteolysis in the absence of IL-6 .American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology, , 275 (6 44-6 ) ,

Contact Information

Academic - Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Surgical Unit
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45202
Phone: 513-861-3100