Randall Wilson , BA

Asst Professor - Adj Ann

Annualized Adjunct Instructor

DAA Addition


DAAP SOD Adjuncts - 0016

Professional Summary

Very much the Renaissance man. After graduating from the Fashion Design dept. the school (then only known as) DAA, w/o the "P" I went on to have a career in fashion visual merchindising. A stint I did in New York's Macy's for their christmas windows changed my life respectively. Did a great deal of freelance fashion illustrations; Cincnnati's Enquire, Giddings Geny, U.S Shoe corp. various Hyde Park boutiques. I returned to the ciity, fell into social work in case managment for adult male corrections. Then began teaching in the cincinnati public school system as a fifth and sixth grade elementry teacher. Was given the oppertuniyt to teach a basic fashion illustration cousre as an elective out of the college of adult eductaion. The coure was picked up by DAAP. And here I am.


B.A.: (Fashion Design)

Research and Practice Interests

Currently working on starting a line of graphic t-shirts and tops exhibitng my art and fahion images.