Gregory Winger

Gregory H. Winger

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science
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Cincinnati , Ohio 45221
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Professional Summary

Dr. Gregory H. Winger is an Assistant Professor in the School of International and Public Affairs at the University of Cincinnati.  He specializes in cybersecurity, U.S. foreign policy, and security studies. His reasearch examines security cooperation and in particular how collaborative activities like defense diplomacy have been used to facility cooperation on emerging security issues. Dr. Winger has done significant work on how these activies have occured within the U.S.-Philippine alliance and how they are now being adapted to cybersecurity. 

He has authored several works on these subjects in publications such as Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Armed Forces & Society. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship from the Smith Richardson Foundation and the Liefur Erikisson Scholarship. He has also held research fellowships with esteemed institutions including the Center for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland,  the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, and as a Fulbright Fellow in the Philippines. 


PhD.: Boston University Boston, 2017 (Political Science - International Relations )

MA: Boston University Boston, 2013 (Political Science - International Relations)

BA: University of Maryland, Baltimore County Baltimore , 2007 (Political Science & History )

Research and Practice Interests

I study international security, cybersecurity, and U.S. foreign relations. Specifically, I look into the security challenges emerging from cyberspace and how these new dimensions of national and international conflict might be overcome. My reasearch examines trust-building processes and in particular how collaborative activities, like defense diplomacy, have been used to facility cooperation on emerging security issues.  Having conducted significant research on how these activies were used to support American alliances in Asia, I am now exploring how similar methods are being used to promote cooperative endeavors in cybersecurity.   Notably, how can collaborative undertakings help bridge the public-private divide in cybersecurity and also foster international cooperation in cyberspace.

Positions and Work Experience

08-2017 -08-2019 Visiting Assistant Professor, As a Visiting Assistant Professor, I taught classes in international relations and cybersecurity., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

09-2019 - Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor in the Political Science department specializing in cybersecurity, U.S. foreign relations and international security affairs., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

08-2016 -06-2017 Fulbright Scholar, I was a Fulbright Scholar in the Philippines where I conducted research on U.S.-Philippine Relations, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

Research Support

Grant: #N/A Investigators:Winger, Gregory 07-01-2020 -06-30-2021 UC's Launch Awards Spring Semester (20SS) Research Launch Awards Role:PI $2,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Investigators:Winger, Gregory 07-01-2021 -12-31-2021 Department of State Building an Interdisciplinary Approach to Cyber Education - Greg Winger 2021 US-PH Alumni Small Grants Program (need title) Role:PI 16816.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Investigators:Winger, Gregory 06-22-2022 -09-30-2022 Commission on Higher Education Philippines Defending the Digital Nation Initiative The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Philippines - Center for Cyber Strategy & Policy (CCSP) - CHED Philippines/CCSP Collaboration Role:PI 284934.00 Hold

Investigators:Winger, Gregory 07-01-2022 -06-30-2027 Commission on Higher Education Philippines MOA for Commission on Higher Education Philippines (CHED) Role:PI 0.00 Hold Level:Other


Cyber security, cyber diplomacy, internet governance, public-private partnerships, homeland security, critical infrastructure, international security, U.S. national security, foreign policy, international cooperation, non-traditional security, Philippines, asian security

Courses Taught

Cybersecurity strategy and Policy Level:Undergraduate

Cyber Conflict Level:Undergraduate

Terrorism & Insurgency

Asian Security Level:Undergraduate

15-POL-586 SECURITY/CONF-ASIA Level:Undergraduate


International Alliances and Allignments Level:Undergraduate

War and Security

American National Security

Contact Information

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Department of Political Science
Cincinnati   Ohio, 45221
Phone: (513) 556-7276