G. Douglas Winget

Emeritus Faculty


PhD: Michigan State University BAD DATE

Research and Practice Interests

Our research interests are in the bioenergetics of photosynthesis. Our current work is aimed at understanding the interaction between some membrane bound or integral membrane proteins and the functioning of the membrane in energy transduction, and include the following:

Isolation of chloroplasts capable of photophosphorylation from various moss and fern plants.

The proton pumping ATPase of moss and fern chloroplasts.

Various ways of "activating" before or during isolation of the complete FoF1 -ATPase complex from spinach chloroplasts.

Sensitive, non-radioisotopic assays for phosphate and phosphate containing compounds.

Research Support

Grant: #OSP00149 Investigators:Winget, G Douglas 11-16-1999 -11-15-2006 Ohio Board of Regents Compounds Conferring Resistance to Chestnut Blight Role:PI $20,000.00 Closed Level:State of Ohio