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Eric S. Wohleb , PhD

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Professional Summary

Dr. Wohleb received his doctorate in Neuroscience from the Ohio State University in September 2013 under mentorship of Dr. Jonathan Godbout and Dr. John Sheridan at the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research. Following graduate studies he completed postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Dr. Ronald Duman at the Yale University School of Medicine from 2013 - 2016. Dr. Wohleb is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology & Systems Physiology, with current research focused on the role of neuroimmune systems in shaping synaptic plasticity and behavior.


Bachelor's Degree: Saint John's University Collegeville, MN, 2008 (Mathematics; Psychology)

Doctoral Degree: The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio, 2013 (Neuroscience; Neuroimmunology)

Postdoctoral Research Associate: Yale University New Haven, CT, 2015 ( )

Associate Research Scientist: Yale University New Haven, CT, 2016

Research Support

Grant: #NARSAD Young Investigator Grant 01-15-2017 -01-14-2019 Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Microglia-mediated Synapse Elimination in Stress-induced Depressive-like Behavior Role:PI

Grant: #R21MH120614 Investigators:Wohleb, Eric 07-01-2019 -05-31-2021 National Institute of Mental Health Microglial brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in stress and antidepressant responses Role:PI $200,625.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #R21DA049253 Investigators:Reyes, Teresa; Wohleb, Eric 09-01-2019 -08-31-2021 National Institute on Drug Abuse DAT18-09 Maternal opioid exposure and executive function evaluation in the mouse Role:Collaborator $240,750.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #R01NR019531 Investigators:Reyes, Teresa; Wohleb, Eric 09-07-2020 -06-30-2025 National Institute of Nursing Research Identification of causal factors underlying cognitive deficits in a mouse model of childhood leukemia survival Role:Collaborator $543,381.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #R01MH123545 Investigators:Davidson, Steve; Wohleb, Eric 05-06-2020 -02-28-2025 National Institute of Mental Health Defining neuron- and microglia-specific contributions to prefrontal cortex dysfunction in chronic stress Role:PI $422,347.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #VA IPA for Wohleb Investigators:Wohleb, Eric 02-01-2023 -01-31-2024 Department of Veterans Affairs IPA for Dr. Renu Sah's VA Merit Award Role:PI 8279.28 Hold Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Horchar, Matthew J; Wohleb, Eric S (2019. ) Glucocorticoid receptor antagonism prevents microglia-mediated neuronal remodeling and behavioral despair following chronic unpredictable stress.Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, , More Information

Wohleb, Eric S; Terwilliger, Rosemarie; Duman, Catharine H; Duman, Ronald S (2018. ) Stress-Induced Neuronal Colony Stimulating Factor 1 Provokes Microglia-Mediated Neuronal Remodeling and Depressive-like Behavior.Biological Psychiatry, , 83 (1 ) ,38-49 More Information

Wohleb, Eric S; Wu, Min; Gerhard, Danielle M; Taylor, Seth R; Picciotto, Marina R; Alreja, Meenakshi; Duman, Ronald S (2016. ) GABA interneurons mediate the rapid antidepressant-like effects of scopolamine.The Journal of Clinical Investigation, , 126 (7 ) ,2482-94 More Information

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Girgenti, Matthew J; Wohleb, Eric S; Mehta, Sameet; Ghosal, Sriparna; Fogaca, Manoela V; Duman, Ronald S (2019. ) Prefrontal cortex interneurons display dynamic sex-specific stress-induced transcriptomes.Translational psychiatry, , 9 (1 ) ,292 More Information

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Franklin, Tina C; Wohleb, Eric S; Zhang, Yi; Fogaça, Manoela; Hare, Brendan; Duman, Ronald S (2018. ) Persistent Increase in Microglial RAGE Contributes to Chronic Stress-Induced Priming of Depressive-like Behavior.Biological psychiatry, , 83 (1 ) ,50-60 More Information

Wohleb, Eric S; Delpech, Jean-Christophe (2017. ) Dynamic cross-talk between microglia and peripheral monocytes underlies stress-induced neuroinflammation and behavioral consequences.Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry, , 79 (Pt A ) ,40-48 More Information

Bath, Kevin G; Russo, Scott J; Pleil, Kristen E; Wohleb, Eric S; Duman, Ronald S; Radley, Jason J (2017. ) Circuit and synaptic mechanisms of repeated stress: Perspectives from differing contexts, duration, and development.Neurobiology of stress, , 7 ,137-151 More Information

Wohleb, Eric S; Gerhard, Danielle; Thomas, Alex; Duman, Ronald S (2017. ) Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Rapid-Acting Antidepressants Ketamine and Scopolamine.Current neuropharmacology, , 15 (1 ) ,11-20 More Information

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