Anjuliet Woodruffe

Anjuliet Woodruffe

Post Doc Fellow

Edwards Center


A&S Taft Research Center - 0369

Professional Summary

Dr. Anjuliet Woodruffe, is a scholar whose research interests intersect intercultural communication, relational communication, critical cultural studies, and women's and gender studies. Dr. Woodruffe uses autoethnography, poetics and Black Transnational feminism to analyze representations of transnationals living in the United States.



Peer Reviewed Publications

Woodruffe, A. W. (2024. ) Home as a Space, Not a Place: Navigating Transnational Identity .Departures in Critical Qualitative Research , , 13 (3 ) ,

Woodruffe, Anjuliet (2022. ) Conversations With My Son: A Poetic Autoethnography of Black Mothering Experiences. .Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies, , 22 (4 ) ,359

More Information

Woodruffe, Anjuliet and Sanders, S. (2021. ) Home-Schooling in David Makes Man.RESEARCH ARTICLE| JUNE 01 2021 Home-Schooling in David Makes Man Sasha J. Sanders, Anjuliet G. Woodruffe Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, , 10 (2 ) , -59More Information

Woodruffe, Anjuliet (co-authors: Durham, Aisha, Marquese McFerguson, Sasha Sanders) (2020. ) The Future of Autoethnography is Black.Journal of Autoethnography, , 1 (3 ) ,289 More Information

Invited Publications

Woodruffe, Anjuliet (2021. ) Surviving From the Margins: A Conversation about Identity with James Baldwin.International Review of Qualitative Research, 13 (4 ) ,457 More Information

Book Chapter

Woodruffe, Anjuliet (co-authors Spieldenner Andrew, Robinson, Tomika) (2019 ) The End of Aids?:A Critical examination of the National HIV/AIDS strategy Neorace realities in the Obama Era .(pp. 93).Albany, NY, State University of NY Press (Co-Author)


Invited Presentations

Anjuliet Wooduffe, Sasha Sanders, Marquese Mc Ferguson, Aisha Durham (04-06-2024. ) (In Progress. ) Black World Making: Bridging Performance, Testimony and Black Feminist Aesthetics .Southern States Communication Conference , Frisco, TX. Conference. . Level:Regional

Anjuliet Woodruffe (11-02-2023. ) Navigating Home as a Space Not a Place .Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. Other Institution. . Level:University


Anjuliet G. Woodruffe, Chandra Frank (09-22-2022). Decolonizing Scholarly Production: Product, Process, and Possibility. 3PM, TAFT Research Center. UC. Level:University

Anjuliet Woodruffe (09-14-2023). Situated Selves: Narratives of Embodied Transnationalism and Affective Citizenship .UC. Level:College

Anjuliet Woodruffe (09-22-2022). Decolonizing Scholarly Production: Product, Process and Possibility .UC. Level:Department

Honors and Awards

2023 -2023 Top Paper (Ethnography) Awarded a Top Paper in the Ethnography Division at the National Communication Association (NCA) Status:Recipient Level:Professional Org. Type:Non-Monetary

01-01-2024 -02-29-2024 Competitive Lecutures Award Granted funding to support a creative and campus wide project Taft Status:Recipient Level:Department Type:Monetary

06-22-2023 -07-06-2023 Taft International Research Grant Awarded funding to conduct archival research on Edmonia Lewis in the Isle of Bute, Scotland. Taft Status:Recipient Level:Department Type:Monetary