Tianren Wu

Tianren Wu

Asst Professor

Baldwin Hall

CEAS - Civil Eng - 0071

Professional Summary

Dr. Tianren Wu is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management at the University of Cincinnati. His research aims to establish new frontiers in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) research, provide novel fundamental insights into indoor air pollution, human exposure, and health effects, and develop solutions to secure a comfortable and healthy living environment. 

Dr. Tianren Wu is currently seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join the team. The successful candidate will take a leading role in research projects to characterize indoor air pollutants by using an advanced online high-resolution chemical ionization mass spectrometer (CIMS). More details: https://aeesp.org/jobs/3402

Personal website: tianrenwu.com


Ph.D.: Purdue University , West Lafayette, IN, 2020 (Civil Engineering)

M.S.: Purdue University , West Lafayette, IN, 2016 (Civil Engineering)

B.Eng.: Shenyang Jianzhu University , China, 2013 (Municipal and Environmental Engineering)

Research and Practice Interests

Fate and transport of indoor VOCs/SVOCs, new particle formation, indoor aerosol dynamics, online time-of-flight mass spectrometer, indoor ozone chemistry, air cleaning technologies, low-cost VOC sensors, human exposure, building ventilation, air filtration


Peer Reviewed Publications

Tianren Wu, Martin Täubel, Rauno Holopainen, Anna-Kaisa Viitanen, Sinikka Vainiotalo, Timo Tuomi, Jorma Keskinen, Anne Hyvärinen, Kaarle Hämeri, Sampo E Saari, Brandon E Boor (2018. ) Infant and adult inhalation exposure to resuspended biological particulate matter .Environmental science & technology, , 52 (1 ) ,237

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Tianren Wu, Brandon E Boor (2021. ) Urban aerosol size distributions: a global perspective .Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, , 21 (11 ) ,8883

Satya S Patra, Rishabh Ramsisaria, Ruihang Du, Tianren Wu, Brandon E Boor (2021. ) A machine learning field calibration method for improving the performance of low-cost particle sensors .Building and Environment, , 190 ,107457

Tianren Wu, Tomas Foldes, Lester T Lee, Danielle N Wagner, Jinglin Jiang, Antonios Tasoglou, Brandon E Boor, Ernest R Blatchley III (2021. ) Real-Time Measurements of Gas-Phase Trichloramine (NCl3) in an Indoor Aquatic Center .Environmental Science & Technology, , 55 (12 ) ,8097

Tianren Wu, Manjie Fu, Maria Valkonen, Martin Täubel, Ying Xu, Brandon E Boor (2021. ) Particle resuspension dynamics in the infant near-floor microenvironment .Environmental science & technology, , 55 (3 ) ,1864

Tianren Wu, Antonios Tasoglou, Heinz Huber, Philip S Stevens, Brandon E Boor (2021. ) Influence of mechanical ventilation systems and human occupancy on time-resolved source rates of volatile skin oil ozonolysis products in a LEED-certified office building .Environmental science & technology, , 55 (24 ) ,16477

Satya S Patra, Tianren Wu, Danielle N Wagner, Jinglin Jiang, Brandon E Boor (2021. ) Real-time measurements of fluorescent aerosol particles in a living laboratory office under variable human occupancy and ventilation conditions .Building and Environment, , 205 ,108249

Tianren Wu, Brandon E Boor (2020. ) Characterization of a thermal aerosol generator for HVAC filtration experiments (RP-1734) .Science and Technology for the Built Environment, , 26 (6 ) ,816

Lester T Lee, Tianren Wu, Brandon E Boor, Ernest R Blatchley III (2023. ) Dynamic behavior of gas-phase NCl3 and CO2 in indoor pool facilities .Building and Environment, , 233 ,110088

Post Graduate Training and Education

2020-2021 Postdoctoral researcher, Purdue University, , West Lafayette, IN

2021-2023 Postdoctoral researcher, The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, , Switzerland