Yanyu Xiao

Yanyu Xiao

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

French Hall


A&S Mathematical Sciences - 0025


Ph.D: University of Western Ontario 2011 (Applied Mathematics)

Research and Practice Interests

Mathematical epidemiology and ecology, applied dynamical system

Research Support

Grant: #429551 Investigators:Xiao, Yanyu 09-01-2016 -08-31-2021 Simons Foundation Models for the transmission and dispersal of vector-borne diseases Role:PI $7,000.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #R01AI148551 Investigators:Benoit, Joshua; Xiao, Yanyu 06-12-2020 -05-31-2025 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Mosquito hydration status as a mechanism that alters pre-feeding host interactions and post-feeding physiology Role:Collaborator $325,338.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Marek Laskowski, Yanyu Xiao, Nathalie Charland, and Seyed moghadas (2015. ) Strategies for Early Vaccination During Novel Influenza Outbreaks .Scientific Reports, ,

Yanyu Xiao, John Beier, Steve Cantrell, Chris Cosner, Don DeAngelis and Shigui Ruan (2015. ) Modelling the Effects of Climate Change and Socioeconomic Impact on the Transmission of Rift Valley Fever Virus .Plos One Neglected Tropical Diseases, , 9 (1 ) ,e3388

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Yanyu Xiao, Zeenat Patel, Adam Fiddler, Lilian Yuan, Marie-Elaine Delvin and David N. Fisman (2013. ) Estimated Impact of Aggressive Empirical Antiviral Treatment in Containing An Outbreak of Pandemic Influenza H1N1 in An Isolated First Nations Community . Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses, , 7 (6 ) ,1409

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Hagan, Richard W; Didion, Elise M; Rosselot, Andrew E; Holmes, Christopher J; Siler, Samantha C; Rosendale, Andrew J; Hendershot, Jacob M; Elliot, Kiaira S B; Jennings, Emily C; Nine, Gabriela A; Perez, Paula L; Rizlallah, Alexandre E; Watanabe, Miki; Romick-Rosendale, Lindsey E; Xiao, Yanyu; Rasgon, Jason L; Benoit, Joshua B (2018. ) Dehydration prompts increased activity and blood feeding by mosquitoes.Scientific reports, , 8 (1 ) ,6804 More Information

Benoit, Joshua B; Michalkova, Veronika; Didion, Elise M; Xiao, Yanyu; Baumann, Aaron A; Attardo, Geoffrey M; Aksoy, Serap (2018. ) Rapid autophagic regression of the milk gland during involution is critical for maximizing tsetse viviparous reproductive output.PLoS neglected tropical diseases, , 12 (1 ) ,e0006204 More Information

Hernandez, Marco R; Johansson, Mattias L; Xiao, Yanyu; Lewis, Mark A; MacIsaac, Hugh J (2017. ) Modeling sampling strategies for determination of zooplankton abundance in ballast water.Marine pollution bulletin, , 115 (1-2 ) ,80-85 More Information

Liu, Junbo; Xiao, Yanyu; Zhang, Tongli; Ma, Jun (2016. ) Time to move on: Modeling transcription dynamics during an embryonic transition away from maternal control.Fly, , 10 (3 ) ,101-7 More Information

Laskowski, M; Xiao, Y; Charland, N; Moghadas, S M (2015. ) Strategies for Early Vaccination During Novel Influenza Outbreaks.Scientific reports, , 5 ,18062 More Information


Invited Presentations

(06-2016. ) CMS summer meeting, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

(07-2016. ) 11th AIMS, Orlando, FL.

Courses Taught

-MATH-1046 BUSINESS CALCULUS Level:Undergraduate