Shawn Xiong

Shawn Xiong

Asst Professor

Assistant Professor

Kowalewski Hall


Pharmacy Practice and Admin Sciences - 0004

Professional Summary

Xiaomo Xiong, Ph.D., is an assistant Professor the Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy. His primary research interests include health outcomes research using real-world data and pharmacoeconomic modeling. He is highly experienced in working on different types of real-world data, including claims data, survey data, and electronic health records data. In addition, he has vast pharmacoeconomic modeling experience using Microsoft Excel, R, and TreeAge in studying a wide range of diseases, including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer's disease.

Research and Practice Interests

Pharmacoeconomics, econoimc modeling, comparative effectiveness, health outcomes, real-world evidence, real-world study, machine learning.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Yuan, Jing; Lu, Z Kevin; Xiong, Xiaomo; Li, Minghui; Liu, Yang; Wang, Long-De; Liu, Renyu; Zhao, Jing (2023. ) Age and geographic disparities in acute ischaemic stroke prehospital delays in China: a cross-sectional study using national stroke registry data. Lancet Reg Health West Pac, , 33 ,100693 More Information

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