Fang Zhao

Fang Zhao , MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical

Health UC - Georgetown

COM Pathology Clinical - 0529


Medical Degree: Shandong Medical University 1999

PhD: Shandong University 2005


American Board of Pathology (Clinical Pathology) (Certification Date: 06-21-2018 )

American Board of Pathology (Molecular Genetic) (Certification Date: 09-25-2021 )

American Board of Preventive Medicine (Clinical Informatics) (Certification Date: 10-30-2022 )

Clinical Interests


Pathologic Decalcification


Clinical Informatics

Pathology-Molecular Genetic



Peer Reviewed Publications

Salama, Youssef; Zhao, Fang; Oliveira, Jennifer L; Yuan, Ji; Jevremovic, Dragan; Go, Ronald S; Ding, Wei; Parikh, Sameer A; Shah, Mithun V; Hampel, Paul J; Al-Kali, Aref; Morice, William G; Shi, Min (2022. ) Isolated anemia in patients with large granular lymphocytic leukemia (LGLL).Blood cancer journal, , 12 (2 ) ,30 More Information

Hossain, Rubayet; Zhao, Fang; Michenkova, Marie; Kaelber, David; Tarabichi, Yasir (2022. ) Trends in racial disparities of emergency department utilization for asthma in coronavirus disease 2019.Annals of allergy, asthma & immunology : official publication of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology, , 128 (1 ) ,95-97 More Information

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Zhao, Fang; Bergstralh, Eric J; Mehta, Ramila A; Vaughan, Lisa E; Olson, Julie B; Seide, Barbara M; Meek, Alicia M; Cogal, Andrea G; Lieske, John C; Milliner, Dawn S (2016. ) Predictors of Incident ESRD among Patients with Primary Hyperoxaluria Presenting Prior to Kidney Failure.Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN, , 11 (1 ) ,119-26 More Information

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Salmans, Michael L; Zhao, Fang; Andersen, Bogi (2013. ) The estrogen-regulated anterior gradient 2 (AGR2) protein in breast cancer: a potential drug target and biomarker.Breast cancer research : BCR, , 15 (2 ) ,204 More Information

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Zhao, Fang; Edwards, Robert; Dizon, Diana; Afrasiabi, Kambiz; Mastroianni, Jennifer R; Geyfman, Mikhail; Ouellette, André J; Andersen, Bogi; Lipkin, Steven M (2010. ) Disruption of Paneth and goblet cell homeostasis and increased endoplasmic reticulum stress in Agr2-/- mice.Developmental biology, , 338 (2 ) ,270-9 More Information

Post Graduate Training and Education

2015-2018 Clinical Pathology Residency, Mayo Clinic, , Rochester, MN

2018-2019 Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic, , Cleveland, OH

2020-2022 Clinical Informatics Fellowship, Case Western Reverse University (MetroHealth Medical Center), , Cleveland, OH