Weiqi Zhao

Weiqi Zhao

Graduate Assistant


Peer Reviewed Publications

Sun, J., Zhao, W., & Pae, H. K (2020. ) Inter-character Orthographic Similarity Effects on the Recognition of Chinese Coordinative Compound Words .Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, , 49 (1 ) ,125-145

Han, M., Jiang, X., & Zhao, W. (2018. ) The effect of inter-word space on Chinese word processing: An Eye Movement Study .Korean Journal of Cognitive Science, , 29 (4 ) ,243-263


Paper Presentations

Zhao, W., & Par, H. (10-23-2020. ) Effects of word length in Chinese as L2 reading: An eye movement study .Online. Conference. Level:National

Zhao, W., & Jiang, X. (11-16-2015. ) Reading perceptual span of Chinese as a second language learners: an eye movement study .San Diego . Conference. Level:International