Tianqi Zhu

Tianqi Zhu

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Tianqi Zhu is a fourth year PhD student in Classical Archaeology (currently in Greece). He is broadly interested in the history and archaeology of the Roman Empire, with focuses on epigraphy, urbanization, and civic life of the eastern provinces and cultural contact and cultural change in the Mediterranean world. He graduated from Vassar College in 2017 with a BA in Greek and Roman Studies and received an MPhil in Classics from the University of Cambridge in 2020. His master thesis explores the development of the local and translocal associations of actors in the city of Rome during the Principate. He has excavated in Italy, America, Turkey, and China, and worked at various museum collections in these three countries. Currently he is planning a dissertation proposal on performance and festivals in third century Asia Minor.

Research and Practice Interests

Tianqi Zhu's research interests include social history, culture contact, urbanism, and epigraphy in the Roman Empire, in particular the Eastern Mediterranean. He is keen to combine historical and archaeological analyses in his research.